How to Accessorize with Fine Jewelry

Unique. Tasteful. Classy. All words are mentioned when describing fine jewelry. From Cleopatra to medieval Europeans, fine jewelry has always represented wealth and prestige. Pieces made from brilliant gold or sparkling gemstones. Today's jewelry designers, like Eliza Ray, continue to draw inspiration from distinct artisanship and design from the past. 

The result for many people is possessing an overflowing jewelry collection filled with pieces that they love. The problem is jewelry owners are not making the most of their rings, necklaces, and bracelets or don’t know how to do so. 

The good news is we’ve assembled some jewelry tips to help you wear fine jewelry that matches your wardrobe and personality. As fashion stylists say, "Including jewelry in your outfit is always a good idea.”

Choose Your Fine Jewelry Wisely 

When buying fine jewelry to assess your current collection, you should consider the pieces you will wear. Do you like earrings, or does the weight bother you? Do you like bracelets, or would the pieces get in your way? Asking yourself these questions about how much use you’ll get out of your jewelry can help you keep or choose the right fine jewelry pieces.

It can also help you select the style. If you like earrings but not something with weight, you should focus on lightweight or stud earrings, like the 14K Rose Gold Heart with Bar Earrings or the X Earrings with Diamonds. If you're not a fan of dangling pieces, long pendant necklaces shouldn't be part of your go-to jewelry collection.

Don’t Get Caught Up in the Latest Trends 

Trends can influence your jewelry choice to a certain extent, which is okay. However, don't become a slave to jewelry trends at the expense of your personality and taste. Instead, decide what style fits you and makes you feel good. Your jewelry choices might not be part of the latest trend, but if it looks good on you, wear your fine jewelry with confidence. 

When deciding on what jewelry to wear, consider your outfit, your face or body shape, and your general sense of style. Consider all these factors when you accessorize your ensemble with your fine jewelry. Also, don’t forget to let your personality shine through when picking which pieces to wear and how you present yourself.

If you notice your jewelry pieces aren't diverse, this is the time to buy some new ones. This is an excellent excuse to go fine jewelry shopping. 

Mix and Match Your Fine Jewelry Pieces

No one wants to wear a one-note outfit. Combat this by mixing shapes and sizes in your jewelry. Metal charms and gems can work together when you keep color and style in mind. Mix and match the thickness of your bracelets and the length of your necklaces. The key to mixing jewelry pieces is to have a common thread. Whether that’s color, style, or metal is up to you.

Mix and match your jewelry pieces together for a fabulous look of controlled chaos. Just keep in mind not to overdo it by wearing pounds of jewelry. It's vital to have an accurate amount of jewelry for mixing and matching to look your best. 

In the jewelry world, layering pieces is the ideal look. The best thing about layering is that more is never enough. A suggestion: wear the Skinny Diamond Bangle with the Diamond Bead Chain Bracelet.

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